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Focus on Prevention

Customized care for long term success

At Flatiron Dental Dr. Jagirdar creates a comprehensive plan based on functional, microbiological and behavioral risk factors in order to maintain oral health and prevent dental issues before they develop or worsen. Our diagnostic approach is informed by thorough records and a collaborative relationship, keeping our patient's goals in mind.

The 3D Wellness Scan

Unprecedented Insights

With our 3D scanner, Dr. Jagirdar can build a lifelike, accurate, and precise model of your teeth, gums, and bite. Along with digital x-rays, this ensures that we get the most complete and holistic picture of your dental health at Flatiron Dental.

Fast, Simple, And Non-Invasive

The process of scanning your mouth is simple and fast. A small wand is used to take thousands of pictures of every part of your mouth and automatically stitch them together into an advanced 3D model. This scan gives us a baseline to compare future changes against.

oral cancer screening

At Flatiron Dental we are excited to begin offering OralID, an exploratory technology that helps us discover cancer in its earliest stages and uncover precancerous abnormalities utilizing a proven, optically based technology called "fluorescence technology".

Salivary diagnostics

Your saliva has a story to tell about your health. The oral microbiome can alter the balance between health and disease, locally and systemically. A simple oral rinse collection allows us to create a targeted approach based on laboratory results.

Dental Health And Overall Health

Research has shown that there is a bidirectional relationship between oral health and systemic health. Poor oral health can contribute to various systemic health problems, and certain systemic conditions can also have a negative impact on oral health.

Regular dental check-ups, proper home care, a healthy diet, and avoiding harmful habits can go a long way in preserving both dental and systemic health.

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