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Dental Filling Treatment

Cavities (tooth decay) are extremely common in patients of all ages. If you eat too much sugar or you don’t brush and floss properly, you may get a cavity, and require treatment with a dental filling from Dr. Jagirdar at Flatiron Dental. We use composite, tooth-colored materials for all of our dental fillings.

Fillings are the best way to treat cavities. In the filling process, Dr. Jagirdar will remove damaged enamel, replace it with a filling, and restore your tooth. This restores your tooth, eliminates any pain or sensitivity, and prevents future complications such as tooth infections.

The Dental Filling Process

Local Anesthesia

To begin the process, Dr. Jagirdar will clean the treatment area and numb your mouth. Fillings are minimally-invasive, but numbing the treatment area ensures that you’ll feel absolutely no discomfort.

Decay Removal

Next, Dr. Jagirdar will use a dental drill to remove any decayed or damaged enamel from your tooth. This eliminates the decay, and also ensures that your filling can be attached to strong, freshly-exposed enamel.

Tooth Filling

Once your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Jagirdar will apply a tooth-colored composite material to your tooth. She will sculpt, harden, and trim it to restore the shape and function of your tooth. Finally, she will check your bite to make sure your filling fits, make any final adjustments, and send you home to enjoy your newly-restored tooth.

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Are Dental Fillings Painful?

Not at all. Fillings are minimally invasive, and typically do not require extensive enamel removal. And during the filling process, our team and Dr. Jagirdar will numb your mouth near the treatment area. This means you won’t feel any discomfort during treatment at Flatiron Dental.

How Long Do Fillings In Teeth Last?

Fillings usually last between 7-10 years, though this depends on how well you care for your teeth. Make sure you brush twice a day, floss once a day, eat a healthy diet, and visit Flatiron Dental every six months for a checkup. With proper dental care, you can keep your fillings strong and intact for as long as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of A Composite Teeth Filling?

Composite fillings use tooth-colored resin that can be matched to your existing tooth structure perfectly. This means that they provide a much more seamless, aesthetically-appealing result compared to metal fillings.

Compared to metal fillings, composite fillings also usually require less enamel removal, so they're less invasive. Composite fillings also harden very quickly and form a very strong bond with your tooth, which makes them very durable, even immediately after your treatment.

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