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When you think of going to the dentist, chances are you’re picturing a sterile office, confusing treatment plans, and an overall uncomfortable experience. 

At Flatiron Dental, we are on a mission to change the way you think about dentistry by providing warm, genuine care that feels totally personalized to you. Our number one goal is to serve our incredible NYC community with modern, top-of-the-line treatments all while maintaining a grounded, compassionate environment. 

As a long-time New Yorker herself, Dr. Jagirdar is honored to give back to the city she loves so dearly. By getting to know each of her patients on a personal level, Dr. Jagirdar can outline bespoke treatment plans to enhance aesthetics and overall oral health.

At Flatiron Dental, we’re not interested in putting a bandaid on dental issues. When you stop by our office for your first appointment, we truly get to know who you are — your lifestyle, oral health habits, concerns, goals, and more. By stepping back and seeing the full picture of your oral and whole-body health, Dr. Jagirdar is able to recommend treatment options that are truly in line with your specific needs and desires.

The Flatiron Dental culture is rooted in compassion, integrity, and excellence, and you can feel those values come to life when you step through our doors. Our warm and welcoming team will be sure to attend to your needs so your appointment is seamless and smooth from start to finish.

At Your Service

Our experienced team is happy to meet you where you’re at in your oral health journey! We proudly provide treatments of all kinds, including routine dental cleanings, full mouth restorations, Invisalign, whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, and so much more.

We start your first appointment off with a Wellness Scan. Our 3D scanner quickly creates detailed models of your teeth, gum tissue, and bite. With these comprehensive models, Dr. Jagirdar gets a 360-degree understanding of your oral health, allowing her to craft a treatment plan that’s totally tailored to you.

We Can’t Wait To Meet You

There’s nothing our team loves more than to serve our local New York City community with compassionate, modern dental care. If you’re looking for a new dentist and are ready to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out! Dr. Jagirdar and the Flatiron Dental team look forward to seeing you soon.

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